Monday, August 31, 2015

Luxury Resort at Wayanad

Wayanad Silverwoods - A place to rejuvenate yourself 

Before we go to the beauty of Wayanad, lets go to the history of Wayanad.

Wayanad is one of the districts in the state of Kerala that lie in the north eastern part. Erstwhile it was part of Kannur district and on November 1st 1980 south and north wayanad joined together to form the current Wayanad district.

Otherwise known as mountain district of Kerala this district is pleased with rolling hills capped with rainforests and breathtaking landscapes. Moreover thanks to the prosperous cultivation of spices, tea, coffee and cocoa that marks Kerala in the international spice market. This district has the advantage of connecting Kerala to neighboring states Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

A vacation to this small district has always been a soothing experience to many and the resorts in Wayanad extend staying experience wonderful and bright.A recreation trip to Wayanad is always as exciting, that offers vast joy in harmony with nature.

But choosing the right resort blended with homely feel around it and touched with tasty culinary is significant. It doesn’t feel it be another space we are living at it. There would be many resorts in Wayanad now these days, but many lacks generosity and concern for customer comfort.

Here comes the importance of Wayanad silver woods – a home away from home, the bestresort in Wayanad and in Kerala as well.

No more buzzers and alerts, you are stepping to one of the most composed resorts in Wayanad. You leave your world when you step into the corridor leading to Silverwoods. The resort is handled by experienced employees who know the touch and feel of the soil and present the best for you.

Luxury redefined

The cottages in the resort are designed in such a way to indulge you in luxury, it does mean though it seems like traditional cottages, all the modern facilities are available in the resort. Initially doubt will bloom if it fit the choice of your luxury, but the services that are available in the resort are speechless. It can be rated as the best luxurious resort in Wayanad. Silverwoods is also rated as the best resort in Kerala

 Silver woods wayanad

As far as the cuisine is concerned they are strict in particular for the dishes they serve. Each preparation and serving is monitored and lead by experienced professionals which makes the cuisine, undoubtedly the best in the area.

After the sightseeing and the adventurous journey, the stay in Silverwoods - one of the good resorts in Wayanad leaves you unforgettable and enthralling memories of journey and stay.

Are you hung with the idea of visiting Wayanad and the best stay at Wayanad?

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